Lidojums uz jebkuru galamērķi. Interesanti — vai vienā virzienā?

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Kopš: 27/04/2010
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About the competition

airBaltic is a proud owner of one of the largest fleets of world-class Airbus A220-300 worldwide. As we journey towards our 100th aircraft, we're thrilled to reach the halfway mark, with the 50th aircraft expected in November 2024. To make this milestone extra special, we've given the creative reigns to our community. We've received over 840 livery submissions, and our design committee has hand-picked 21 designs for airBaltic Club members to vote on. Keep in mind that while we’ll take into consideration the winning position, airBaltic holds the right to pick any of the top 3 designs as the winner.

Be part of aviation history—vote for your favourite design and invite friends to join! Share your top pick with others by opening it, clicking the “Copy design URL” button and sharing the link wherever you prefer. By voting, you also enter a raffle to win a flight to any airBaltic destination on the 50th aircraft.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting milestone!

Each airBaltic Club member has one vote. Use it wisely.